Greenpeace is well known, but many will have very different ideas about the organisation. I joined three and a half years ago, making an important personal transition from the corporate world. I wanted to contribute to changing our world to make it a better place. It’s been a wonderful journey and it is inspiring to work with so many great people, especially our International Executive Director Kumi Naidoo. He has just come out with the first of a new series, enjoy!

“I’d like you to consider a different side of Greenpeace – the side that I’ve come to know. To do this, today I’m also launching a series of occasional web videos as part of new series called ‘Living for a Cause.’

In it, I present an ‘insider’ view of Greenpeace, aimed at people who know of us, but perhaps haven’t thought about becoming involved with us. I’m also reaching out to people who may have dismissed us in the past.” ~ Kumi Naidoo.  Living for a cause

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