During the European Communications Summit in Brussels early July 2012, I had the opportunity of communicating change to an audience that was mainly filled with corporate communication professionals from the businesss world.
I quite desperately wanted to leave something meaningful and lasting with them, all individuals with such influential roles. So, what was the best approach? Hard facts & figures? Sharing personal testimony of change? An attempt at corporate guilt-tripping? Or… asking thought-provoking questions…? Here is the presentation with my speaker’s notes. I would love to know what you think of the approach I took, see power point: European Communication Summit

2 thoughts on “Our ultimate challenge: change the communications game

  1. Looks like you confronted uneasy truths. Your presentation uses strong imagery but ends on an aspirational, open ended footing. How did the corporate communications people react to your call for them to participate in change themselves?

  2. I received a mix of reactions from the floor and afterwards, but overall very positive. It would be so great if more communications professionals can join into changing the way we work our function.

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