The world of communications has dramatically changed over the years. We are globally and totally connected, everyone can be a medium, we can send, share, comment, like and dislike…

We continue to adapt our communications profession to ensure we keep our influence and impact. On the operational side I observe continuous amazing creativity, building, shaping and influencing of media platforms and channels and its content. At the same time, I celebrate the strengthening of the strategic position of the communications function. We advise and co-create business and organisational strategies. However, I believe the jury is out on the exact focus of the profession, especially vis-à-vis marketing, marketing communications, PR and (digital) engagement. It is an interesting journey.

Whatever specific outcome, the transition affirms my conviction of the three As: authenticity, audiences and audacity. In times of change and as part of contributing to a good, sustainable world, consistency is key. It is thus that I believe that our striving for the three As is more important than ever.

I imagine a world, a connected world, where authenticity is what we strive for. In everything we do we take the two fundamental audiences – Mother Earth and future generations – into consideration and in which we all have the audacity to do the right thing. In that world transparency is a given, spinning something of the past, advertising happens for things we truly need and mutual respect is the overall mantra.

I realise this sounds kind of faraway and maybe not even your idea of an ideal world, but would it not be kind of wonderful? I would love to see communications professionals (in all shapes and forms) take the lead in this. I think our collective power for story telling, creating narratives, influencing the discourse, means we have it within our reach to start leading the way for an honest and fair world. We know we influence behaviour through what we advise and create, we know the power of imagery and language. If we were to apply that in an authentic way moving forward, we could really contribute to change the world for the better.

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