It happened yesterday afternoon. I realised I was in love again. It was like taking a deep dive into turquoise Mediterranean water. You know what is happening to you and yet it takes you by surprise, a lovely one. You feel the fresh, close to cold, but combined with warm: that feeling of exhilaration and surprise.

It happens when you least expect it. It sneaks up on you. All of a sudden, the joy takes you, lifts you up and throws you up into the air.

ButterflyI was floating up into the sky. My wings spread out and I looked around me. I was so taken by her beauty. In total mesmerisation I touched the ground and danced through her streets. It felt like transforming into transcendence.

I lost my objectivity very quickly. Obviously, that happens with infatuation. I drank in her attractiveness, but was certainly aware of her rough spots too. But when in love the rough spots are gorgeous too and you want to embrace those very tightly. I could see that in all her lightness, she’d have dark sides too, some I would need to be careful with.

I looked around me and felt everyone could see what was going on with me. I felt so light, so full of energy. I allowed myself to be held and allowed myself to glide into total submission. “Oh, hold me tight, don’t let go of me please, not just yet.”

I closed my eyes and practically trembled in the tightness of her embrace. Then she let go and thrust me into further exploration. I looked around and noticed anew, as if for the first time, all colours, all forms and shapes, the sounds and I surrendered to all my senses: I felt her, I heard her, smelled her, tasted her and I saw her.

I was out of lyrics. Words could not describe what I felt, but sense her I did, very, very deeply.

EmbraceI knew I would not lose myself, not completely. Falling in love comes easily to me. I actually thrive on it. I try to let others benefit from the energy it gives me, though I also enjoy the glow of exclusivity that comes with being in love But it feels so good that I find it hard not to give in, when it happens. And I know when to let go, when the time has come.

Some love affairs last for a very long time, some even forever, some last but a few hours. Some are profound and some are shallow. It feels as if this particular one is quite deep and might last. Thus, saying goodbye yesterday might only mean an intermezzo, “til we meet again”. This one started on a very hot afternoon. I long for many more in the future.Seville streets

I am in love with you, Seville. ☺


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