She looked around her; there was no one there. She looked across the water, would she dare? Yes, she would, it was only a dream. Was it? She took one deep breath and jumped…

Oh, that feeling of freedom when under the surface. The water was stroking her skin. She looked into the deep. She could not yet make out her surroundings. She decided to sway a little deeper. She looked down upon her legs to see if…. Ah, great, her legs had transformed into a fish tail.Bird_Fish

She started to see the underworld around her. She wanted to stay true to her ‘determination’ to focus on the beauty and not the destruction. Hence, she moved along towards where she knew there was life. She could spot the colours of the coral. She adored the purple and it fitted so well with the colours of her fish partner. Ah, and there he was. ‘How are you, human mermaid?’ the fish asked. ‘Fine, thanks’, she answered. Was she telling the truth? Her life had been such upheaval recently and she was trying to transform her way through it. But then, she guessed, considering all, she was actually fine.

The way  he swam was thrilling her and she moved along. What mesmerising feeling. Together they moved along, towards the deep unknown. ‘Remember what I told you’? the fish asked. ‘Yes, I do and I have been thinking about it ever since’, she said. I am not sure I am ready yet. What you described sounds appealing and more than that. It sounds like a journey I have to get on, together with you. But I need some more time.’

And then, all of a sudden, she felt she needed to rise to the surface. She felt an inner calling. Why was it there? She wanted to go deeper into the unknown, together with her fish comrade. After all, the quest he had told her about sounded like something that she had to join into. But maybe she was not quite ready yet.

Her head reached the surface and she sprung out. What was it? What was this calling? Not him again, not again, please no. She looked around whether she could spot the big bird of prey. She did not see him, not yet. She knew she needed to be vigilant as he was the kind of bird who would always be there.

She slowly moved towards the shore. She felt her legs and knew she could step out of the water. Slowly, but surely she stepped onto Earth’s soil. Mmmh, that felt kind of good too, solid ground. She knew it would not be for long though. If he were out there, she would need to spread her wings. She looked up to the sky. Did she imagine a tiny spot circling around? She ought to be careful.

She took a deep breath and started to walk. The walk turned into a brisker one, and she started to run. She held her arms behind her and felt the power of her wings materialise. Up she went. That feeling of freedom when up in the air. There was nothing like it. For a moment she just let herself be taken by the wind and sailed along. The memories of the joint floating with her bird of prey came back to her. She felt an inner stir, quite sensual. Then she reminded herself not to get lost. Not now. She moved her wings so she could reach the woods of wonder.

Was he still there, the big bird of prey? She felt him, but could not see him. She had better be quick. She saw the top of the trees and thought she was all right. She had reached her safe haven. She was tiny bit away from the branches of her place of power.

Then just before she touched down, she heard something. She looked around to see his big beak. ‘Don’t, it is too late now. I have reached the wood. You know you should not be here’, she whispered to him. She saw the glimpse in his eyes and a kind of grin that materialised. ‘You think I cannot join you in the woods? What makes you so certain? Nothing has changed for me. Remember, we are forever. That was our agreement.’ ‘Things have changed’, she said. I told you, and you kept your silence, and silence means consent to the new reality. You cannot join me in the woods and remain who you are. It is dangerous. You know that.’ Even as she said that she realised that nothing would be too dangerous for him. He was the kind to take risks.

She knew she only had seconds to take the decision or otherwise she would be the one losing. She felt her wings and reached out to stroke the wind. Almost, she was close to the branches. She took a big breath and plummeted towards the trees. She heard him utter something, but could not tell what it was. She forced herself not to pay attention and to move along.

She touched base at her place of power. Her big tree received her. She knew she could always trust the big tree. She reached down and opened her eyes to take in her new reality. Her wings were gone. She looked and wondered, did she still need them? Would it be too quick to take to the air again or get back to the sea? She needed to ground a little longer.

What was that sound? Where was the big bird of prey? She could not make him out anymore. Had he followed her or taken the wise decision to fly away? She looked again. What was that, below on the ground? Was it human? No, not anymore. She looked closer. Then she knew what she saw. It was a badger. Could it be? Was that he? Had the woods of wonder turned him into a badger? She thought the eyes looked familiar. A badger? What was that telling her?

But then it was a dream, full of transformation. Wasn’t it?









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