So thrilled to be able to share with you the news that I have become the first Managing Director of the EACD (European Association of Communication Directors. After a few months’ time off to reconsider the journey of my life, it feels very meaningful to be able to drive the Association into its next phase, as the press release about my appointment states very nicely.

Over the last three years I have served on the EACD Board and enjoyed it thoroughly. As per good governance, on becoming the MD I have stepped down from the Board and will now serve the network of communications professionals in a new way.

My years with the International Water Association (IWA) have given me good insight into “association life” and I look forward to using that experience in this new role. In today’s connected society, networks continue to both change and thrive, and our digital reality is obviously pivotal in this. It will be exciting to work with our members and partners in the evolution of the association, in which the focus on quality is key.

Furthermore, the communications function continues to evolve and, depending on the stance one takes, you could argue that it will further change, totally transform or disappear altogether – at least in the form that we know it today. In today’s world, everybody is a medium and, if we believe futurists, the networked society will significantly change organizational set-ups. Hence, this is hugely impactful for the function and obviously a very important point for the EACD to address.

I look forward to exploring and analyzing this and other pressing issues with leaders in the communications field. Chief Communication Officers have a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience and it will be tremendously important to partner with them. Yet, across the function and beyond, a whole range of professionals at different stages in their career make valuable contributions to the Association and the discussion about the future of the communications function, and I look forward to connecting and discussing with them. I am also keen to learn from those that are still doing their communication studies and those who have recently graduated, to see what they believe. We are seeing more and more multi-disciplinary approaches in our work, and I believe that this is crucial.

In a constantly-changing world, in which the UN just last week called for business leaders to step up towards the Sustainable Development Goals, I am very fortunate that this part-time role allows me to pursue other projects as well. Hence, I have been devoted to setting up my own business, which focuses on ‘strategies for transformation’ (web site in the making) – it is very exciting to already be working on meaningful projects and with new partners.

Exciting times ahead, combining this wonderful MD role, advancing the EACD and working on strategies for transformation towards a better world.


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