Emotions were sailing through her body, thoughts occupying her mind. The inner turmoil was too much. Oh, what experience over the last days, deep and beautiful, but also tough and rough. It was as if she needed to get rid of something now. Tears welled up in her eyes. She couldn’t hold them back, but then why would she? If people watched her and saw, would it really matter? She closed her eyes. Songs were floating through her veins. She felt the music deep inside her gut and it gave rise to her emotions.

“And I dream I’m an eagle.
And I dream I can spread my wings”









She gave into the feeling of moving up, the surge to fly. She erected herself, stood on her toes, spread her arms, felt her wings materialise and up she hovered. The eagle in her broke free, giving into all issues that characterised her life. Up in the air she could deal with them. The wind carried her and she circled up, down and sideways. Moving smoothly with the airwaves before a backwards swirl made her drop a little, like in an air bubble in a plane. The contradictory feelings inside of her were bursting all over the place. The flying moved her positively, as it always did. However rough she felt, flying would always lift her mood. Dancing in the air was her medicine to the ramps in her life. Embracing life by dancing through the night and into the early mornings.

The deep rotten tearful emotions were gliding through her as she was riding the air. She opened her eyes and looked around. She felt a deep urge to open her beak and to snap. Was there prey about? Could she find any to satisfy her sense of frustration? Or would that be rather unfair? After all, her transformations should be such that she does not go for any prey that cannot meet her at her own level. “Be an eagle with other birds of prey right now,” she told herself, fly in the now.”

Her constant transformations were her lifeline. She realised how difficult it was for those around her, especially those who cared for her deeply and who she loved without compromise. Her eagle needs didn’t mean she was deserting anyone, though some might get that idea or fear. The eagle in her, with the sharp beak dynamic didn’t mean she wanted to hurt her loved ones either.

She would need to increase her ability to use her transformations aimed in more positive directions. The eagle, the fish, the human…..

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